RJSplot is an R package which enables the generation of interactive graphs. It joins the data analysis power of R and the visualization libraries of JavaScript in one package.

Main features of RJSplot are: :

  • Easy to use: Graphs can be easily created with R in the same way than native graphical functions.
  • Dynamic and customizable visualization: some graph parameters can be changed interactively for a better visualization of results.
  • Interactivity between user and graph: actions such as browsing, movement, zoom adjustment, viewing values or identify variables can be done by the user interaction with the graph.
  • Multiplatform: package and resulting graphs are suitable for Windows, Mac OS and Linux platforms.
  • Exportable figures: Graphics can be exported for their use in scientific publications or reports.
  • Extensible: a new standard for interchange data between R and JavaScript have been developed to facilitate the integration of new graphs in the package.